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  • Bench-marking Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional Quotient Evaluation
  • Stress Coaching
  • Smart work modelling
  • Time Budgeting


  • Skill set assessment
  • Life balancing
  • Stress Coaching
  • Aptitude analysis
  • Prioritizing 
  • emotional quotient alignment


  • Performance Management
  • Life success Forecasts
  • Strategic reorganization
  • Facilitator
  • Emotional Intelligence optimization

The Team

Dr. Ambreen Virk, PHD in Emotional Quotient

Internationally certified Strategic HR professional, with a penchant for

performance & a passion to inspire students to pursue academic &

holistic excellence. Equipped with a PHD in Emotion Work and 15+

years of industry experience, shall strive to create both an engaging

and challenging learning environment where students are able to

harness their true potential.

A Life coach who surely knows how to activate your emotional intelligence in perfect alignment with your emotional quotient.  

Priya Dogra Fitness Trainer&Nutrition Coach ISSA

Born and brought up in the hill town of Shimla, in India, Priya is a

certified Nutrition Coach and Fitness Trainer from ISSA, California, and

a hands-on mother of two adorable daughters. Her bittersweet journey of

being overweight to “fit” and the will to help other individuals achieve

their goals of health and fitness, is the inspiration for her blog and. She is

also a life coach and has her own Podcast by the name of Fitness Radio.

It is an exploration of the process and power of successful weight loss

and wellness. Reach out to her if you want to learn to how to go about

losing weight without losing the motivation, and also talk to her about her

take on present day relevant topics like mental and physical wellness to

strike a perfect work-life balance.

Priya is a Certified Nutrition Coach and Fitness Trainer from ISSA,

California. Learn more about her at  www.ketoforindia.com

Sangeet Mavi Certified Global Career Counsellor


With an extensive background in education, marketing communication, print and radio media, I currently head the Office of Academic Support of one of the best international schools in North India, Chitkara International School taking care of International Affairs, Career Guidance & Counselling, Student and Faculty Exchange Programs, International Career Studios & International Entreneurship Events. 

A post graduate in Business Administration, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Commerce (Economic Honours) and a certified Global Career Counsellor along with a broad range of skills and more than 15 years of vast experience, I am also an ambitious and experienced educationalist, a devoted mother and an enthusiastic Youtuber. 

Incorporating all this experience into curating practical road maps to help others, especially mothers identify their true passion and develop it into rewarding career and becoming successful momprenuers. 

Richa Sharma, Master in Communication and Life Guide

A am seasoned mediaperson with a career line of almost 20 years in the Indian circles, known to be a multi-talented professional-cum-educationist who has been been a life coach at various paradigms of life and profession.

The Limca Book of Records, Indian Edition, has recognised me for ideation and been awarded by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, besides being a UNESCO-certified community radio reviewer. 

Believes in giving back one's valuable learnings to budding professionals and holds sessions across different universities and other educational institutes. I have dealt with many professional who are struggling with concepts like emotional intelligence and how can they take challenges of life with their emotional quotient.